Parents and Coaches

Each Ocean County Rec and MOSA team has been assigned a date to work the snack stand. We need you to staff the stand to help provide support for all of the players in the club. The full schedule for Spring 2017 is posted below:

April 1 Boys U9 Hotspur

April 2 Girls U8 Flash

April 8 Girls U8 Waves

April 9 Boys U11 Blue Thunder

April 22 Girls U12 Bolts

April 23 Girls U9 Lloyd

April 29 Boys U7 Armada

April 30 Boys U12 Warriors

May 6 Boys U7 Shooters

May 7 Boys U9 Revolution

May 13 Girls U7 Wildcats

May 14 Boys U16 Tesla

May 20 Boys U10 United

May 21 Girls U12 Wanderers

June 3 Boys U8 Armada & Hotspurs

June 4 Girls U11 Heath

June 11 Girls U13 Sounders

June 25 Boys U10 Dynamite

Questions? Email the Snack Stand Coordinator