Most of the information needed to submit to MOSA we already have.  However, we would like to confirm that information in addition to receiving some additional information.  PLEASE take the time to answer each of these questions and forward your responses to Frank Cuiffo ( by email.  Please get the information to Frank by Sunday, December 3, 2006.  Also note that this applies to existing MOSA teams as well as new teams that plan on entering MOSA in the spring 2007.  You may want to copy and paste the questions and your answers in your email to Frank.

1. Coach’s Name:
2. Coach’s evening phone number:
3. Age of Team: (e.g., U13)
4. Boys or Girls:
5. Did you play in MOSA in the fall 2006? (Yes or No)
6. What flight did you play in? (e.g., National 3)
7. What was your record? (Wins-Losses-Ties)
8. What position did you finish in? (e.g., 3 of 6)
9. How many goals did your team allow in the fall 2006?
10. How many goals did your team score in the fall 2006?
11. If you want to move up, but did not finish first or second, what are your reasons?
12. If you want to move down, but did not finish fifth or last, what are your reasons?