What's Needed to Card a Team

The team player packets must be submitted to Kathie Fanning, BSA Registrar, as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, contact her at registrar@berkeleysoccer.com

The following is needed for all carded travel teams playing in either Jersey Coast or MOSA.

1. For each coach or assistant coach:
a. Completed NJYS Coach Membership Form
b. Copy of license (registrar may have extras if you need them; won’t get this back)
c. Signed NJYS Coaches card with a picture

2. For each player:
a. Completed NJYS Player Membership Form (not the BSA registration form)
b. Copy of birth certificate (won’t get this back)
c. Notarized US Youth Soccer Medical Release Form
d. Signed NJYS Player card with a picture

The NJYS Team Roster form must be completed with all the required information.

The club number is 9017.
The DC # for both Jersey Coast and MOSA is 07.
The League number for Jersey Coast is 06.
The League number for MOSA is 11.

Please be sure to write the name Berkeley before the name of your team on the roster and on the cards (Berkeley Stars, Berkeley Tigers, etc.). Be sure all the information is filled in on the card:  player’s name, birth date, age group (U8, U9, etc.) and name of team.  Make sure the pictures are secured with glue (tape is not allowed) and that they are not noticeable prints from the computer or Polaroids. (These will be sent back if thought to be too obvious).

Berkeley Soccer requires that each year all coaches, whether new or returning, must fill out and submit the NJYS KidSafe Disclosure Form.

The NJYS Coach Membership form, the NJYS KidSafe Disclosure form, the NJYS Player Membership form and the US Youth Soccer Medical Release form can all be found on the FORMS page (click back to the Home page).  You can also download all the NJYS forms directly from their website.  Click here for that option.