Jersey Shore Boys College Showcase

Berkeley Jersey Shore College Showcase

Hosted by: Berkeley Soccer Association


All decisions of the referee are final and binding. The tournament committee and Berkeley Soccer Association will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team as a result of cancellation in part or whole (see cancellation policy). The tournament committee’s interpretation of these rules shall be final and binding. The tournament committee reserves the right to relocate or reschedule a match if it deems necessary. The tournament committee has the right to shorten games if it deems necessary.

All tournament games will be played in accordance with the laws of the game as issued by FIFA unless modified herein.


Refunds will not be given to teams who withdraw after acceptance have been finalized on 5/15/2011


A. Participation in the tournament is open to accepted teams composed of eighteen or fewer players. U17 and U18 teams can bring a total of twenty-two players on their (USYSA) approved roster. Final roster of 18 must be checked into referee prior to their scheduled game. You may only have 18 uniformed players on the sideline during the game. All non roster players must not be in uniform during the play of the game.

B. Coaches must have their approved passes present during games.

C. No player shall play for more than one team.


Tournament checks in an hour and thirty minutes prior to first game. All teams must present USYSA player or US Club player passes and medical forms. Out of state teams that must receive permission to travel must present form at time of check in.


Teams can have a maximum of five guest players not to exceed 22 players for U17 & U18 and, Players for U15 & U16


Teams can substitute without limit on any stoppage of play with the exception of the last ten minutes of the game where as standard FIFA rules will apply.



All Referee and tournament committee decisions are final.


A. Players, coaches and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the law as well as the letter of the law. Displays of temper or dissent are cause for ejection from the game and surrounding field area.

B. Both teams (players and coaches) will be on the same sideline. Spectators of both side teams will take the opposite side of the pitch. No one will be allowed behind either end line.

C. A player or coach receiving a red card (including 2 yellows) will not be able to participate in the tournament game following the game the card was issued. The tournament committee will review all red cards and determine if the player, coach will be expelled from the tournament.

D. In the event of assault/abuse on a game official, a judiciary hearing shall immediately be convened at a tournament site. All terms described in the USSF Official Administrative Rule Book under Rule 3.2.8, Suspension for Assault on Official, shall apply. Any player, coach or other team official who is charged with assault on a game official is suspended from further participation in the tournament.


F. VIOLENT CONDUCT IN ANY FORM or any abuse (physical or verbal) of a referee prior, during or after a match will result in a team, player, coach or team follower being expelled from the tournament. Also a written compliant will be filed from the tournament. It will also be turned over to the state association and/or local authorities for action.


The use and presence of alcoholic beverages is prohibited near and at all game sites. Pets are not permitted on or near fields.


A. Duration of all games shall be 2-35 minute halves

B. All accepted teams are guaranteed 3 games, 2 will be played on Saturday and 1 on Sunday or vise versa this includes preliminary, semi finals and finals.

C. Flight formats will be posted after acceptance have been posted and E-mailed to accepted teams. Division Semi final and/or final formats will be handed out at check in.

D. The home team must submit game ball

E. The home team must change jersey to accommodate alternate colors for the away team.


Each team shall be awarded three (3) points for a win and one (1) point for a tie in preliminary games. The team with the most points shall be the division winner. In the event of a tie the following tiebreaking rules shall apply:

A. Head to head competition (void if more than two teams are involved)

B. Most wins

C. Bonus points will be awarded thru goal differential as follows:

- Maximum of 3 points to winning team

- 1 point for a shutout (maximum of 4 points per game)

D. Fewest goals against

E. Team with the least accumulated cards during preliminary matches

F. Penalty kicks – the FIFA penalty kick procedure.

G. In the event of a three way tie the three coaches will draw lots with the two winners proceeding to Penalty Kicks.

Semi Finals and finals games tied after regulation shall proceed directly into Penalty Kicks.


The field coordinator is responsible to see that the scores of each game are reported in a timely manner to the tournament director. The field coordinator will ensure the game report forms are properly completed and signatures obtained from the opposing coaches. Each coach will be responsible for verifying the accuracy of the game report prepared by the referees by signing the game report. There will be no protests after the cards are submitted to the field coordinator.


Teams shall be awarded a 5 minute grace period after the scheduled kick off before the game is considered a forfeit. A minimum of 7 players constitutes a team and if 7 are present, the game may not be delayed. In no case shall a team that forfeits a game be declared a division winner. A forfeit shall be awarded as a 2-0 decision for the opposing team and three bonus points.


Due to the intensity of the schedule, the referee will not stop the clock during the match for any reason without approval of the tournament director. Games halted due to injury will not lose any more time than the half already in progress. The tournament director will make the determination if time stopped due to injury in a final will be added back to the game.


The size of the fields will be whatever the physical arrangements permit. Coaches must remain within 10 yards in each direction of the midfield line. Teams must wear uniforms with individual numbers on shirt that coincide with the listing on the team’s official approved roster. Where uniforms are the same or similar the home team must change colors or be approved by the opposing coaches.

No jewelry will be worn by players (earrings, watches, necklaces, combs metal barrettes, etc.). Eyeglasses should be either sports goggles type or made of safety glass or plastic and must be held in place with some type of elastic band.

Orthopedic or other casts must be wrapped with soft foam padding. Players will only be allowed to play at the referee’s discretion. There decision is final.

Check-in time is thirty minutes prior to the scheduled kick off.

Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear on the field ready to play as scheduled. Failure to appear will result in a forfeit of the game. Only referees and tournament officials can postpone or cancel games.

All players’ passes and rosters for U17 and U18 must be submitted to referees prior to the game and will be handed back upon completion of the game.

All other necessary equipment required by FIFA rules apply.

16. Tournament Cancellation Policy

Berkeley Soccer Association will refund a minimum of 80% of a team’s entry fee if the tournament is cancelled for any reason before the start of the tournament. The reason for cancellation might include, but not limited to, weather, field usage or sponsoring organization management decision. If the tournament is rescheduled or postponed, A new permission to host agreement must be submitted to NJYSA and all teams that applied to the original dates must be given the opportunity to withdraw from the revised dates of the tournament with a full refund of their entry fees. All teams that intend on withdrawing from the rescheduled event must respond in writing or e-mail to the tournament director

within 10 days of the revised date in order to qualify for a full refund of their entry fees.


No one being under the age of 17 and or without a valid Driver’s License can operate a golf cart at any site for any reason.