BSA Code of Conduct Sanctions

Sanctions are consequences for spectator and parental behavior that is deemed inappropriate or unacceptable at youth soccer games.  This includes indoor season and all tournaments played in, and applies to behavior before, during, and after games.

BSA developed these sanctions to maintain order and to ensure a safe, healthy and respectful environment for the enjoyment of youth soccer.  The sanctions are a necessary part of creating the structure that will help control unruly and disruptive behavior that interferes with league play and creates the potential for violence.

The club (BSA) will enforce sanctions immediately, beginning the first of the season.  Any coach or league official may immediately enforce sanctions if present.

Sanctions may be imposed for:
• Verbal abuse during a game – includes profanity, obscene language, derogatory remarks or threats upon a child, official, coach, or other spectator.
• Inappropriate attempts to coach or referee from the sideline.
• Entering the field of play.
• Any physical abuse inflicted upon a child, parent, coach, or official.
• Displays of temper with official's or coach's decisions.
• Disrespectful gestures to officials, coaches, participants, or other spectators.
• Taunts &/or name calling.

All imposed sanctions will be reviewed by the Berkeley Soccer Association Executive Board.

First Offense
• Ejection from the game
• Spectator placed on probation for season
Second Offense
• Ejection from the game
• Two game suspension plus remain on probation
Third Offense
• Ejection from the game
• 10 game suspension (will carry over to following season)
• Parent’s child suspended for two games

The Parental Pledge and Code of Ethics is part of the requirement for participation in club soccer.  You must sign a copy of the Code of Ethics and submit it with the Registration Form so that your child can participate in league play. No child will be permitted to play if his or her parents have not returned the signed Parental Pledge and Code of Ethics form to Berkeley Soccer Association.