Brush their hair and brighten up their smiles

We are set up for Friday, April 20th and Saturday, April 21st as picture days. Detailed time assignments follow. 

Friday, April 20   Saturday, April 21  
5:00 PM U8 girls Tracy DellaPietro 9:20 AM In-house 75 kids, 4 teams
5:10 PM U7 mixed Paul Kelly 10:30 AM U7 girls Mike McCabe
5:20 PM U7 boys John Cambra 10:40 AM U11 girls Rob Berardi
5:30 PM 10:50 AM    
5:40 PM 11:00 AM U13 girls Frank Cuiffo
5:50 PM U8 boys Keith Harman 11:10 AM    
6:00 PM U8 boys Larry Burg 11:20 AM    
6:10 PM U9/10 girls Kim Morris 11:30 AM    
6:20 PM U9 boys Troy Van Hise 11:40 AM    
6:30 PM U11 girls Bill Young 11:50 AM    
6:40 PM U12 girls Jim Law 12:00 PM    
6:50 PM U9 boys Scott Cranstoun      
7:00 PM U10 girls Frank Crowe      
7:10 PM U10 boys Doug Jensen      
7:20 PM U8 girls Luke Hurley      
7:30 PM U12 girls Dana Macauley      
7:40 PM        
7:50 PM U13 girls Doug Jensen      
8:00 PM U13 boys Ben Valentino      
8:10 PM U14 boys Frank Penevolpe      
8:20 PM U15 girls Chris Pero   U18 boys Joe Bedell
8:30 PM   U17 girls Mike Powers
8:40 PM U16 boys Frank Penevolpe   U 15 boys Guy Lockwood
8:50 PM   U16 girls Vinny Guardino
9:00 PM     Not interested