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Coaching in Berkeley

Berkeley Soccer Association is continuously looking for dedicated men and women to join us in the ranks of coaching.  All our coaches are volunteers, many having started coaching when their son or daughter began playing soccer at age 5.  BSA has coaches with a variety of backgrounds, some in soccer and some not in soccer.  That doesn't matter...what matters is your dedication to the sport, to our vision, and to our children.  Berkeley Soccer Association thanks you for your time.

If you are interested in learning more about coaching in Berkeley, give us a call at 848 448 0678, or email us at

Coach's Sportsmanship Pledge

Coach's Pledge & Code of Ethics

I will be mindful at all times of the impact my role has on player development.
I will be mindful of the need for player development over the need to win.
I will seek to motivate players through positive reinforcement and constructive feedback.
I will demonstrate respect and support for all players prior to, during and after the game.
I will exert my influence to enhance sportsmanship by all spectators.
I will assure that all players play in a safe and healthy environment.
I will approach parents and officials with respect and civility at all times.
I will abide by the rulings of officials and league administrators during and after the game and will wait 24 hours before addressing a concern.
I will demand and demonstrate a healthy sports environment by refraining from drug, alcohol and tobacco use during all soccer events.